Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Supersu Pro for the Android to manage root permission.

Install the app to manage root permission.

Rooting the Android device is a must for each and every device. Rooting lets you to unlock a massive number of features and gives you the ability to download so many apps with root access. To operate and download those apps, you have to have the Android device rooted. The rooting process is done using the custom recovery tool. After that, you have to install a superuser app to manage the apps. the app is mainly used to Give Superu Root Permission.

Supersu Pro

After the Android device is rooted, all the apps will ask for root permission. This will happen regarding the apps which need root access permission to proceed. Supersu Pro app manages the root permission granting and denying procedures. The app is available for free download. This app will keep an eye of those apps which wanted the root access permission through the app. With this app, you will not require to provide the access permission each and every time.

Supersu Pro keeps track of the apps that you granted root permission. It will then grant the permission automatically. So no need to give them again and again. Less work for the users. Users can go to the app and check the list of apps that the apps with grant permission. 

You can revoke them, see the frequent use of the app. Using this app, you can even unroot the Android device temporary. This app will still give its service, no matter the Android device is not booted properly. The app works as a troubleshooter. You can find errors and issues with the app. Suitable to encounter issues regarding boot loop stuck. 

There are log records regarding the root requested apps. No matter whether the apps are in the background or in the recovery mode. You can download the free version of the app and also you have to pay $3 for the pro premium version. 

This will support the user to logging on per-app basis. This will also allow the users to lock the particular app using a PIN code. No one can interfere into the app and make changes without your permission or approval. Both of these apps are really good for Android users. Rooting is important, same as that, installing this app is also important. This app will give so many benefits for the user. One of the most successful apps for managing the root permissions.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Upgrading towards Os X El capitan 10.11.6 DMG

There are so many extraordinary features which can be seen through the latest operating system of Os X El capitan 10.11 Download. the users can use split screen, smart search and the spotlight, the mission control and improvements which came regarding the mail app, the new capacities regarding the note app, faster graphics, accelerated performance are the main features of them.

 Download : Os XEl capitan 10.11.6 DMG

Os X El Capitan 10.11.6 DMG Download

Method of performing a clean install on Os X El capitan 10.11

Os X El capitan 10.11.6 can be achieved through clean install. Let us check on it.
First you have to verify the bootable flash drive which is connected into the mac device. Now restart your computer, press option alt key; this should be done at the time you can hear startup which is in boot sequence.

Now select the USB which is in the startup screen, press enter or the return key in the keyboard.

Now you can see the installer of El capitan Dmg.

Select the disk utility. Press continue.

Select macintosh HD, press erase tab, click erase button. This procedure will also delete all the data in the startup hard drive.

Go to main menu of disk utility. Press install the OS X, click continue.


Ok that is it. Now you can use this on your mac device easily along with new extraordinary amazing features.

Supersu Pro for the Android to manage root permission.

Install the app to manage root permission. Rooting the Android device is a must for each and every device. Rooting lets you to ...